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This guide will prepare you for our session by helping you access the most powerful tool at your disposal: your imagination.

Before our session read through the ebook and start dreaming ... of what you want. 

We'll dive in and I'll help you get really clear on what that is, show you how possible it is to get it, and give you a clear plan to get there.

What You'll Get From this Session

    What is it you want to accomplish? What is the best way to get it?
    What's been stopping you from getting what you want or being where you want to be? What is the best way you can overcome those challenges? Sometimes solutions are so close you can't see them.
    Once we're clear on where you want to go and what's standing in your way of getting there, we'll explore the next best steps for you to get there.

What Others are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I really did get clarity and a sense of empowerment”

“In such a short time, she managed to understand what I was stuck with and why, but most importantly she identified what I was wasting precious time with and what I should focus on to push my business forward. 

I really needed someone to tell it to me like it is - she made complete sense. I really did get clarity and an unexpected feeling of empowerment. Thank you Barbera."

Roshni Cornelius
- South Africa

“Succinct advice and ways to address my concerns using different methods”

"I had a very enlightening conversation with Barbera about my up and coming business plans.

She quickly identified my concerns, and even those that I was not aware of. I received succinct advice, and ways to approach my concerns using different methods than what I had been. Barbara assisted me in how I personally felt I was about my business, and how I could be another way about my business instead."

Melinda Brooks
- Australia
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“She will cheer you on, push you, and help you succeed.”

"Barbera is powerhouse, her energy is boundless. She will cheer you on, push you, and step by step, will help you succeed.

Lora LeFhae
- Colorado

“Barb is so knowledgeable AND understanding ”

"My half-hour "intro" session with Barb was, as I expected, very helpful!

Had I heard some of this before? Yes, but it was the right time, and Barb is so knowledgeable AND understanding, I am so grateful for her time with me.

And I know that when I reach a new level, she'll be ahead of me to coach me at that level too; very reassuring! Glad to have an expert in my corner."

This helped me wade through all the strategies for sale out there by various coaches. Many thanks to you, Barbera!"​

Marci Heiser
- Colorado
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"This helped me get clearer and wade through all the strategies for sale out there”

"Barbera helped me to get clearer not only about what kinds of marketing/relationship building strategies would be appropriate for me at this time, but she also emphasized the most important aspect of marketing which is getting out there and talking with people about my business.

This helped me wade through all the strategies for sale out there by various coaches. Many thanks to you, Barbera!"​

Christine Palafax
- Colorado

Barbera Aimes
Business Freedom Coach

About Barbera Aimes

Barbera Aimes mentors emerging entrepreneurs helping them navigate the complexities of the web to get clients online and create a virtual business that produces a consistent, reliable and scalable income along with the freedom to enjoy it.

Her signature process of list building, client engagement and attraction, and heart-centered sales helps coaches, consultants, healers & other helping professionals reach the people they were meant to help and create a life of joy and freedom for themselves.